Freight ferries to Brindisi

The Italian port of Brindisi is located on the ‘heel’ of the peninsula, which places it in excellent position to provide competitive freight ferry service across the entire Mediterranean region. The main freight transport providers at Brindisi are Endeavor Lines, Ventouris Ferries and Agoudimos Lines, the set of which provide an extensive range of freight ferry services.

The easiest way to reserve freight ferries to Brindisi is by making use of modern online booking sites, which are fast, convenient and competitively priced. The level of competition these companies are faced with drives down prices and forces these operators to seek new ways to enhance their service and facilities. Among these enhancements are greater customer service offerings than ever before.

Freight ferries to Brindisi are available from several destinations in the Mediterranean. Daily (or semi-daily) crossings take place from Corfu (6 hours, 30 minutes), Vlora (8 hours, 30 minutes), Igoumenitsa (7 hours, 30 minutes), Patras (16 hours) and Kefalonia (8 hours, 15 minutes). The busiest ferry freight company at Brindisi is Endeavor Lines, with four distinct routes on order.

Brindisi Ferry Port operates an efficient terminal, with efficient check-in counters and a host of knowledgeable employees who can help with on-the-ground connections. Shops, restaurants and extensive business facilities are also in place to expedite travel and provide customers and passengers with any fringe services they may require.

In order to secure early passage and guarantee that check-in procedures are fast and painless, would-be customers are advised to arrange freight ferries to Brindisi through an online engine.

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