Freight ferries to Calais

The small city of Calais, located in the north-east of France, is one of the closest French cities to the UK and one of the most popular places for ferries to cross the English Channel. With a population of just over 70,000, Calais plays a prominent role in shipping for both the UK and France.

Given the close distance from the UK, taking a freight ferry to Calais is one of the quickest ways to reach France from the other side of the Channel. Calais is also one of the busiest ferry terminals in EU, with over 100 arrivals and departures daily. Freight ferries to Calais operate from a number of lines including P&O Ferries, Sea France.

P&O Ferries offers freight ferries to Calais from the south-west English city of Dover. Prior to the opening of the Channel Tunnel, ferries were the quickest way of crossing the Channel. Services take roughly 1.5 hours, whereas the Channel Tunnel can cut journey times down to 35 minutes.

In addition to P&O Ferries offering freight ferries to Calais, Sea France also operate 14 services daily from Dover. In addition to freight carrying facilities, Sea France give travellers crossing the Channel the chance cross it in luxury, with many shops and dining facilities on board their ships.

When booking freight ferries to Calais, potential customers are reminded to try to book as far from the date of departure as possible in order to ensure the best price. Searching the web is also highly recommended in order to compare and select the best rate.

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