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Will my tickets be sent in the post?
No, operates a ticketless booking system. Once you have made a booking you will receive an on-screen booking confirmation with reference number which will also be sent to you by email. The booking confirmation will have all the necessary customer service contact information in case you have any queries or would like to amend your booking. Simply hand this in on your arrival at the port, together with a photo ID, and you will be given your boarding pass.

How can I contact you?
We are an agent for an that provides the ticket booking engine. Once you have made a booking the customer service contact information is included on the booking confirmation. This can be used if you need to amend your booking or if you have any queries. Prior to booking you can contact us here

Are my credit card details secure?
Yes, all online bookings are processed on a secure server that uses 128 bit SSL encryption.

Can I make a booking without a car?
Yes, simply select 'Foot Passenger' from the vehicle dropdown box at stage 2 of the process.

How early do I need to arrive prior to departure?
Your precise check-in time is given on the booking confirmation (on-screen and email). As a guideline, this is normally 60 minutes before departure time for vehicles and 30 minutes for foot passengers.

If I arrive early will I be permitted to board?
You are not permitted to board before the official check-in time.

Can I book a single journey instead of a return journey?
Yes, simply select the 'outward route' on the initial booking form and delete any value from the 'return route' field. Click for Booking form

There was an error stating 'Payment in conflicting currencies'. What do I do?
This is because you have selected routes that must be paid for in different currencies. You need to obtain a separate quote for each route. For instance, Dover-Calais (GBP) & Ancona-Patras (EUR) must be made as 2 separate bookings.

Can I book an outward journey for 2 people and a return for 1 person?
Unfortunately, our booking system does not allow this at present. You need to do this as 2 separate bookings. In the example above you would need to do one booking for a 1 person return and one booking for a 1 person single journey.

Is a booking transferable to a different vehicle?
Yes, providing the dimensions of the vehicle are the same (ie. the vehicle is in the same class - you cannot pay for a car and then arrive in a MPV). If the class of the car changes you need to contact us to amend the booking. Customer service contact details are on the booking confirmation in case you need to amend a booking.

Is the driver included in the number of passengers?
In the Passengers drop-down box on the booking form you need to state the total number of people traveling in the vehicle, including the driver (eg. 1 driver & 2 passengers = 3 passengers in total)

I don't know the make or registration of the vehicle I will be traveling in. What do I do?
This is no problem. We accept that many people will be traveling in a rental car or a different vehicle. If you don't know the make or registration of the vehicle, simply enter 'Rental Car' in the Vehicle Registration field and expected size (eg. small, mpv, etc.) in the Make/Model field during the booking process. The only thing you need to ensure is that the dimensions/class of vehicle is the same.


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