Channel Ferries
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The best way of travelling from central London to Brussels, Paris and other northern European cities is using Eurostar premium train services. Comfortable trains go via the Channel Tunnel and reach Paris in 2 hours, 15 minutes and the Belgian capital, Brussels, in 2 hours. Short check in times for Eurostar services offer total travel times that compare favourably with flying.

On the UK side of the Channel Tunnel, Eurostar trains can be boarded at London St Pancras Station, Ebbsfleet Station or Ashford Station. Passengers using Eurostar trains that start from St Pancras can reach the station via the London Underground. Travellers from north of London can board trains for the nearby King's Cross or Euston stations.

Travellers using Eurostar have a choice of Standard Class or two higher classes: Leisure Select and Business Premier. These two latter options come with meals and beverages included. All trains have a buffet car with a good choice of snacks and drinks for sale.

Eurostar trains offer plush seating and, considering that the trains travel at up to 186mph, a quiet and smooth trip. On the other side of the Channel Tunnel passengers using Eurostar can disembark at Calais or Lille. Lille has good rail connections to destinations throughout France.

On weekdays there are around 25 Eurostar departures from St Pancras for Paris and Brussels. There is also a daily service to Paris Disneyland. In summer there are special Eurostar services to Avignon and in winter, to the Alps. Both Paris Gare du Nord and Midi Station in Brussels are just a short distance from city centre tourist draws and hotels.

Euro Disneyland Paris is set on the east side of the city, in the suburb of Marne-La-Vallee. Travelling by air, the best option is to fly into Paris Orly airport from where there are shuttle buses and taxis. By rail, visitors can take the Eurostar from London St Pancras directly to Disneyland. This service operates daily. The third option is to take the ferry from Dover to Calais and then take the French train to Marne de Vallee Chessy.

At Euro Disneyland Paris, which was the second to open outside the United States, there are plenty of hotels operated by the organisation and all provide free shuttle services to Euro Disneyland Paris. Once in the park, the choice of entertainment is endless. It’s a massive complex with something for everyone. Visitor numbers are equally massive, with 12 million people annually enjoying The Magic Kingdom.

All of the favourite characters are here at Euro Disneyland Paris. Mickey Mouse still takes centre stage, whilst a host of other Disney legends wander around, enthralling children on the way. Castles, rides, parks and fountains are spread across the huge park which has an area of 290,000 square metres.

There five lands to choose from, each with their own theme. Main Street U.S.A, Frontierland. Adventureland, Discoverland and Fantasyland make up the sectors. In amongst the themes there are even more attractions such as Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. It is hardly surprising children stand in awe at such a fantasy world.

For the grown ups who may need some respite from the entertainment, there is a huge range of restaurants and eating places. Everything from quick snacks, to sit down meals covering all cuisines such as Tex Mex, seafood, fast-food or French are all on the menu. Euro Disneyland Paris is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00.