Cheap Ferry to Antikythira Port

Situated in the Ionian Islands, Antikythira is a small, remote island about 22 nautical miles from Kythera and 18 nautical miles from Crete. Capital of the island and home of Antikythira Port is Potamos. Ferry operator Anen Lines is the only company providing a service to and from the island.

Antikythira only covers an area of about 22kms and Potomas is the only town on the island which makes getting to the ferry port simple. There are not many places to visit on the island and the road network is quite limited.

The facilities at Antikythira Port are limited and most passengers use shops and restaurants in Potamos as they are only a short walk away from the ferry terminal. There are a few parking spaces at the port but at busy times car parking is available in the town.

Anen Lines is the only ferry operators providing services to and from Antikythira Port and their destinations are: Gytheion, with a crossing time of 5 hours; Kythera, with a crossing time of 2 hours; Neapoli 4 hours, 30 minutes away and Kissamos in Crete just 2 hours away. Antikythira Port is considered unsafe during bad weather and ferries may cancel sailings.

Anen Lines ferries are reasonably well equipped with comfortable aircraft style seats and a choice of passenger lounges. There is a choice of self service and a la carte restaurants both offering hot and cold food and drinks. The shop onboard the ferry provides a few essentials and gifts.

Antikythira is not the most popular of destinations except with people attracted by wilderness or those tired of modern comforts. Most ferry passengers come to see places of interest that include the 200 year old watermill in Potamos, Xeropotamos’s temple of Apollon and the Apolytaras Lighthouse on the south of the island. The two best beaches for swimming are close to Xeropotamos and Halara.

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