Cheap Ferries from Bari to Durres

Bari to Durres ferries sail between the south-east Italian port of Bari, which is on the Adriatic coast, and Durres in Albania. Durres, Albania’s second largest city is centrally located on the Albanian coastline about 30kms from the capital Tirana. Bari and Durres are at one of the narrowest points of the Adriatic and are only 300kms apart.

Ventouris Ferries and Venezia Lines are among the six ferry operators that provide ferry services from Bari to Durres. During the peak summer season several of the companies offer more than one sailing a day. Normal crossing time is between six and eight hours, but Venezia Lines have high speed ferries that can cover the distance in four hours.

Venezia Lines was established in 2003 and has a modern fleet which incorporates all that new technology has to offer and gives lower noise, less fuel consumption and a smoother journey with maximum passenger comfort. The other ferry companies plying the Bari to Durres route all have recent ships that offer good passenger comfort levels.

Bari to Durres ferry passengers embark at the new passenger port in Bari. Bari’s old port is frequented by fishing boats and other small craft. Bari City is separated into medieval and modern parts. Tourists can visit the 12th century cathedral and museum; the 11th century Basilica of San Nicola and the stunning Swabian Castle.

Ferry passengers arriving in Durres, Albania’s main coastal port, see a city of contrasts. Many of Durres’ old monuments and structures are still visible. The city has expanded northwards and eastwards and so many modern buildings can be seen. Durres boasts many parks and flower gardens.

Bari to Durres ferries can be easily accessed as Bari is one of Italy’s major port towns and has excellent road and rail connections. Bari Port is a hub for shipping to the Middle East. Durres is linked to Tirana by a new motorway which allows drivers to reach the capital in 30 minutes.

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