Cheap Ferries from Bastia to Toulon

Bastia is a quaint little port town situated on the Mediterranean coastline of Corsica. The port in Bastia services ferries as well as operates as a sailing harbour. The port town links ferry routes to port towns in France, Italy, as well as other destinations in Corsica. Bastia is home to attractions such as waterfront marketplaces, old local architecture, and Saint Nicolas place, Bastia’s famous cathedral which pays homage to Saint Mary and is home to the Saint Cross vault.

From Bastia, visitors can take a ferry to Toulon, run by Corsica Ferries. Corsica Ferries is a well known Italian ferry company praised for their commitment to service and international safety standards. The ferry company services routes up and down the Mediterranean along the French and Italian coastlines.

Corsica ferries offers a convenient mode of transport from Bastia to Toulon providing passengers with a comfortable, scenic ride along the coast in modern ferries with both standard and expedited travel times. The ferry company is responsible for transporting more than two million passengers each year.

Toulon boasts one of the Mediterranean’s largest harbours and is gated by rich tree forests and ancient architecture. In the past, the city was used as a strategic military vantage point, however it is now a hub for fishing, hiking, and swimming. The port also houses a naval base with a large fleet of warships and submarines including the famous Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft carrier. The ferry ride from Bastia to Toulon allows passengers to view the breathtaking contrast of the seaside port with the forested hillside backdrop.

The Bastia to Toulon ferry route runs daily and passengers can purchase tickets on either standard or expedited ferries. Toulon offers various activities once passengers arrive including the Musée National de la Marine (National Naval Museum) which highlights more than four centuries of French maritime history.

Also accessible by the ferry is Toulon’s nearby neighbouring coastline which is a scenic landscape of creeks, pine trees, and beautiful beaches. Toulon is a port town rich in nature for the outdoor loving traveller, as well as a city with rich maritime history, both modern and centuries past.

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