Ferries to Germany

Although Germany is largely landlocked; there are a few ports in the northern fraction of the country which give avid lovers of ferries the opportunity to holiday here. If you live life on the ocean wave, there’s no reason why you can’t land in the north before heading south to the big cities.

Cuxhaven is a seaside town in the state of Hamburg and is a popular stop-off for ferries coming to Germany. Given the short distance between the two countries, this port is popular with Danish operators such as DFDS who offer English people the chance to travel from the UK port of Harwich to Denmark and then on to Cuxhaven.

The port at Kiel is one of the most important and well-used of its kind in the Baltic Sea and is a major gateway to Scandinavia for both traders and lovers of ferries who like travelling on the sea in style. Color Line has regular excursions to and from Oslo while Bagenkop in Denmark and Klaipeda in Lithuania are also visited fairly often.

Regardless of where you decide to land in Germany, you can guarantee that the facilities onboard ferries sailing around the region are of the highest calibre meaning that you are never left dull from onboard entertainment and you always feel well looked after by staff before your arrival.

Once you use ferries to arrive in Germany, the country becomes easy to navigate by bust, train or hire car. In the northern part of the country, expect to be met by a windy coastline which boasts world-class beaches. In the south, wet your whistle with some of the world’s finest beer while observing modern marvels in the heart of Bavaria and Munich. Those with a real love of the sea often head down the River Rhine and onto the capital city of Berlin which is brimming with culture and has plenty of activities and attractions.

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