Ferries to Guernsey

For French and British tourists, Guernsey is a popular tourist hotspot and the perfect place to get away from it all for a day or two. Although it is possible to fly on to Guernsey, a lot of people prefer ferries as their method of transport and the whole trip becomes like two holidays in one as passengers are fully entertained and well fed before landing.

British tourists will be happy that their pounds can be spent in Guernsey and there are plenty of places to explore once tourists have left the comfort of their luxury ferries. The capital city of St Peter Port is only 10 minutes brisk walk from the main ferry terminal and there are plenty of restaurants and shops to enjoy while you are in the area.

Once they have left the comfort of their luxury ferries, the more adventurous tourists can start exploring the unspoiled places in the region such as Alderney which is full of whitewashed houses and bendy cobbled streets. Just as fascinating as Aldernet is Sark which is captivatingly beautiful and boasts over 40 miles of stunning coastline.

Conodor Ferries is just one of he companies offering regular ferries to and from Guernsey and it travels regularly to major British and French ports. St Malo is a popular port in France while over the channel, Weymouth and Portsmouth are the most operative ports which offer regular trips to Channel Islands such as Guernsey.

The appeal of travelling on ferries is simply for many British tourists hoping to go to Guernsey. There are no passport restrictions for UK citizens, the main currency is the pound and it is possible to get to and from in only a few hours. If you wish to break things up on your holiday, you could travel from the UK to Guernsey and then later on to one of the French cities companies such as Conodor and Emeraude visit.

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