Lane Lines Ferries

Lane Lines is a well known ferry company that supplies routes linking the Greek Islands. They service routes around the following Greek Islands: Piraeus, Milos, Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, Kasos, Karpathos, Chalki, Rhodes.

The ferry company offers sailings all week long connecting each one of the islands to the other. Departures from Piraeus to Rhodes leave every Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and stop at all relevant Islands in between. The length of time from Piraeus to Rhodes is 26 hours. Specific time schedules for each Island can be viewed at Lane Lines website.

Departures from Rhodes to Piraeus leave every Thursday and Sunday and stop at each Island in between. The total duration of the trip from Rhodes to Piraeus is 25 hours, 30 minutes.

Lane Lines also offers shorter ferry trips departing from Rhodes to Alexandroupoli, Thessaloniki and Sitia. Departures for Alexandroupoli are on Sunday and Monday, for Sitia on Tuesday and Wednesday and for Thessaloniki on Thursday and Friday.

Lane Lines uses two ferries to shuttle passengers back and forth between the Islands. The Kornaros can accommodate up to 1,100 passengers and an additional 260 vehicles. Facilities onboard this ferry include a restaurant, a food hall, a piano bar, a café (where alcohol is also served), TV lounge and duty free shopping. Elevators are available for passengers with impaired mobility.

The second ferry, the Ierepetra can accommodate 1,300 passengers as well as 400 vehicles. Onboard facilities for this boat include a church, a TV lounge, a restaurant, and duty free shopping and mini market.

Economy class and business class tickets are available. Each deck is outfitted with comfortable, reclining seats to ensure passenger safety and comfort during the sailing. For long haul sailings, private cabins with bunks are provided for passengers, each cabin has two beds and are fully air conditioned. Cabins are ideal for families or groups travelling together.

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