Cheap Ferries from Larne to Cairnryan

P&O Irish Sea operates the route between Larne in Ireland, and Cairnryan in Scotland. P&O is one of the most famous and trusted ferry lines, and have been running for many years.

The Larne to Cairnryan crossing takes either 55 minutes or 1 hour, 45 minutes; depending on the ferry that you choose to take. Ferries run regularly each day at 07:30, 12:45, 15:55, 16:30 and 20:00, from March until October on the Express, and three times daily on the Superferry.

The Superferries take 1 hour, forty-five minutes to reach Cairnryan from Larne, and the Express ferries take 55 minutes. Both types of liner have onboard restaurants and bars, as well as large seating areas and shops to browse while sailing. There are also play areas for the youngest passengers, and a video lounge.

The P&O Irish Sea fleet is made up of a total of five ferries, one of which is the aforementioned express ferry. They can carry a considerable amount of people, and were built in Japan, Australia and the Netherlands. Each ferry is fully staffed and regularly checked to make sure it is up to standard.

Taking a ferry between Ireland and Scotland is much cheaper and more pleasant than flying, and there is a lot more freedom onboard a ship than on a plane. If you are feeling a bit seasick, step out onto the deck to take in the bracing sea air, and you will soon be feeling better.

You can board the ferry by foot, by car, or take your motor home; both of which can be parked below deck. Pets can be taken across the sea on the ferry, but they cannot be in the public areas, unless they are dogs for the disabled. There are special facilities for pets, just mention it when you book your passage.

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