Cheap Ferry to Thessaloniki Port

Thessaloniki Port is over 200 years old. Today it is a modern port with a growing cosmopolitan city. Around the port area you will find a thriving university city. You will find ferries operate to Heraklion on Crete, as well as Rhodes and other popular Greek Islands.

The ferry terminal is located in a stunning neo-classic building on the ground floor. The terminal is equipped with waiting rooms, canteens, trolleys and information desks. Ferries operate from Chalkidiki to Crete. Many ferries stop at a variety of islands before there final destination.

During the peak season, Minoan Ferries operate up to three sailings a week headed for Heraklion in Crete. On route to Crete the Minoan Ferries also stop at Tinos, Syros, Paros, Naxos and Santorini. Out of season Minoan Ferries reduces the number of ferries that leave Thessaloniki Port. The ferries are comfortable and offer an efficient service.

Those who want to travel to Rhodes from Thessaloniki Port can do so by using Dane Sea Line ferries. The ferries also stop at Mykonos and Patmos on the way to Rhodes. The service onboard is of a high quality. The ferries are comfortable with a range of accommodation. On board you will also find restaurants and bars.

Thessaloniki Port is well equipped for those with disabilities; there are disabled toilets and good access for those in wheel chairs. The ferries also provide extra assistance to those that have disabilities. When making a reservations mention to the staff of any special requirements you may have. Staff are also available for assistance when onboard the ferry.

Thessaloniki Port is easy to reach from the main town. You can drive following clear signs that direct you easily to the port. There is also a national bus service you can use to leave or arrive at the port by. Bus services also go to other destinations across Greece.

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