Cheap Ferries from Ajaccio to Toulon

The port at Ajaccio is one of the most popular in Corsica and much of its success is owed to it being found in the serene bay which is full of palm trees charismatically coloured houses. Masses of tourists come here each year before they go and visit popular European cities on the comfort of luxury ferries.

Ajaccio port is always kept well-maintained and its facilities suit all kind of tourists irrespective of needs when using ferries to get to where they want. Whether you need a quick coffee or the day’s tabloids, convenience stores and cafés can found scattered around the terminal and additional restaurants which can be found a short stroll from Ajaccio port.

The list of destinations which are available from Ajaccio port is extremely long, but one of the most popular routes takes passengers to the city of Toulon; which has a journey time of between four and six hours. These leave on a regular basis throughout the week.

Corsica-Sardinia has ferries which travel between Ajaccio and Toulon on a regular basis and visitors are able to walk around the ship while travelling as they enjoy being in luxury comfort for the entire journey. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, shopping options are plentiful and there is even a bar on board.

Toulon boasts an important place in French history, it is popular with tourists and it is also the famous home of its navy’s Mediterranean fleet. Although examples of fine architectural aren’t abundant, Toulon can act as a perfect base if you wish to visit other places in the region aboard ferries.

A visit to Toulon is a must if you are a keen historian as there are unforgettable remnants of WWII found scattered throughout the town’s historic streets and lanes. Just as famous as its attractions are the lovely views of the bay which can be enjoyed from numerous locations.

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