Cheap Ferries from Ajaccio to Nice

The port situated at Ajaccio is the busiest on the west coast of Corsica and part of its popularity is down to it being located in for being situated in a serene bay area laden with palm trees and houses full of charm. Thousands of tourists gather here every year before they head off to popular destinations around Europe aboard luxury ferries.

Ajaccio port is well maintained and facilitated for all tourists regardless of their needs before they board ferries across Europe. Whether you want to grab the newspaper or a quick coffee, there are convenience stores and a café in the terminal as well as other shops and restaurants which can be found very close to the port.

There are dozens of destinations to pick from when you come to Ajaccio port however all pale in comparison to the popular city of Nice and it can take between 10 and 12 hours to reach the city aboard ferries being offered with companies who travel at night and provide luxury comfort to their guests.

Corsica Sardinia Ferries is one of the companies which offers regular trips to Nice and its fleet currently consists of 11 ferries which are well facilitated and give passengers a lot of options when it comes to getting a bit to eat or shopping in any of the shops selling perfumes, sunglasses, toys and travel bags at astoundingly low prices.

Nice itself is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and is popular during the day before it becomes full of life at night. Nice is full of history and once you have left one of Corsica Sardinia’s ferries and collected your bags you will be out seeing the sights and enjoying world class cuisine.

Nice’s port is conveniently found in the heart of the city centre and near its historic centre Baie des Anges. Once you are in the area, it is also possible to visit other world famous B93local destinations such as St Tropez and Monaco by jumping aboard any of the ferries leaving Nice port.

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