Cheap Ferries from Dover to Calais

This highly popular ferry route used to be the main way to cross the English channel to France. Now people have the option of using the channel tunnel rail link but none the less, the Dover to Calais ferry route remains one of the busiest shipping routes in the world. In fact last year, 16 million people with over two million vehicles used the ferry services provided by a number of operators. There are, in fact, several different companies who provide crossings on this route daily. They are all well established shipping companies with large ferries.

35 return crossings each day are run by P&O ferries; one of the largest operators on the scene. Alternatively SeaFrance offers nearly as many crossings with a slightly quicker journey time of about one hour. Both these companies use the Ferry Terminal located at the Eastern Docks, Dover.

Another alternative is to use Hoverspeed, who run large hovercraft which are capable of carrying passengers and vehicles. These use the Hoverport terminal at Western Docks in Dover. The Hoverspeed crossing time is also about an hour and there are up to fifteen round trips made everyday by these hovercraft.

The ferry terminal building at Dover is extremely busy and has a wide range of facilities for travellers, including long stay parking. You will find currency exchange booths, cash machines and banks. There is plenty of choice if you need something to eat since two food village areas are to be found just beyond check in. Amongst the cafes and restaurants in this area is Burger King restaurant. The hover port facilities are also extensive, providing similar service to those found in the main terminal building.

Many people will arrive at Dover by car, and a large multi-storey car park, located at the Eastern Docks, offers both long and short stay parking.

Calais, in the north of France is also extremely widely used and has similar infrastructure to Dover. In addition, the Calais ferry port is located not far from the town centre of Calais and here you will find a good range of French restaurants and various other shops.

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