Cheap Ferries from Hull to Rotterdam

The Hull to Rotterdam route will take you from Hull in the North of England to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It is quite a long journey but fortunately, the ferry crossings tend to be at night, allowing passengers to hopefully sleep through most of it.

The Ferry terminal in Hull resides at the King George Dock, fairly near to the town centre. The port is exclusively in the hands of P&O North Ferries and this operator runs the regular ferries to Rotterdam; one per day all year round. Facilities in the terminal include places to eat, general stores, seating and toilet facilities.

P&O North Sea Ferries use The Pride of Rotterdam on this route. It departs from Hull at 21:00 every day and takes up to 12 hours. The Pride of Rotterdam is a large vessel with excellent facilities on board. There is a large restaurant, smaller food outlets, an amusement arcade, children’s play area and more besides. There is a no smoking policy on P&O North Sea Ferries for reasons of health and safety.

You may take a vehicle with you; although this is significantly more expensive than travelling as a pedestrian it may make economic sense if your staying at the destination for a considerable period of time and would otherwise have to hire a car. You are not permitted to stay with the vehicle during the crossing although you can get access to it should you need to get something from inside during the voyage.

Rotterdam is an extremely large and busy port with much of its traffic carrying cargo destined for the whole of Europe. There are plenty of facilities here for passengers. You can change sterling to Euros via a choice of currency exchange booths. Various shops will sell a range of products which are not just geared towards the traveller but also include local produce.

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