Ferries to Spain

Spain needs no introduction as one of the most culturally diverse and beautiful countries in the whole of Europe and is always a popular destination for millions of tourists every year, particularly those from Britain. Although the majority of visiting tourists fly in, the popularity of ferries is increasing as people re-ignite their love of life on the ocean wave.

There are a few different ports you can get ferries from in Spain and one of the largest is the Basque capital of Bilbao which is regularly visited by P&O Ferries from the British city of Portsmouth. Although the trip takes between 30 and 36 hours, there is plenty to enjoy onboard and there’s nothing better than rolling up in Bilbao in style.

To the north coast of Spain is Santander; a popular stop off for ferries on their way to and from the UK, mainland Europe and north Africa. Brittany Ferries are the most operative company in Santander and it takes about 30 hours to reach the port from Plymouth in the UK.

If you like to enjoy both cultural cities and holiday islands on the same trip, entering the world of luxury ferries would be highly advised. In between the Balearic Islands and the flamboyant cities of Barcelona and Valencia, it is possible to travel by high speed boat or ferry with the full journey being completed in just a few hours while you are entertained and well fed onboard.

If you have plans to be a bit more adventurous and travel even further than the Balearic Islands and other destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, Trasmediterranea is a well known company (and also Spain’s largest) which offers regular ferries in between southern Spanish cities and north African countries such as Morocco. If you wish to visit two continents on the same holiday, this could be something worth looking into.

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