Cheap Ferry to Roscoff Port

As a small town in northwestern France, Roscoff is a relaxed and modest fishing village that doubles as a ferry port. It is Roscoff’s agricultural culture that pushed the development and expansion of its ferry port. Efficient motorways and toll ways connecting to the area have all contributed to the recent growth and popularity of Roscoff Port.

Although Roscoff’s ferry port has grown and expanded in recent years, it is comparably small in size still. This means the facilities are quite limited and not as luxurious as other ferry port terminals in the region. The are however vending machines available for quick bites to eat before boarding the ferries.

While there aren’t a large variety of carriers with services at Roscoff’s ferry port, Brittany Ferries offers routes to the south of Ireland in cities such as Cork. With crossing time adding totalling up to 14 hours, it is best to plan this voyage ahead of time. The Val de Loire ship takes this route to Cork is not available throughout the year.

For those travelling to Plymouth’s port in England from Roscoff, Brittany Ferries also offers a few daily crossing a week. If travelling during the day, the crossing is roughly a six-hour journey. For those with a bit more time, overnight sailings are about 6 hours, 30 minutes. Both the Duc de Normandie and Val de Loire ships operate along this route.

There are facilities for disabled travellers throughout the ferry port as well as on the vessels. The facilities within the ferry terminal include toilets and washrooms as well as special wheelchair access. It is always to phone ahead to make special arrangements and requirements before travelling or arriving at the port.

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