Cheap Ferries from Hull to Zeebrugge

The Hull to Zeebrugge ferry route links the North of England directly to Belgium and the European mainland. Those who take a vehicle on the ferry will be able to drive through to Germany to gain access to the Easterly European destinations such as Poland and the Czech Republic and this is a popular way to visit these countries. So, not surprisingly, Zeebrugge is one of Europe’s busiest ports and this crossing is very popular.

Hull is one of Northern England’s liveliest cities. It is traditionally an industrial town, and while it may not feature prominently as a tourist destination, you will find plenty of culture in this city.

P&O North Sea Ferries is a major operator on the Hull to Zeebrugge route. Many travellers who use the P&O ferries are families with young children and the large ferries used by P&O provide entertainment on their crossings which will amuse family members of all ages. Onboard cinemas play popular movies with content appropriate for youngsters. Often, you will be able to enjoy live music, shows and cabaret. You will even find casinos aboard these vessels.

In addition, you will find onboard shops which sell goods at discounted prices, since they may be free of value added tax. On the ferry you will have access to a currency exchange centre which offers commission free transactions. If all of the on board facilities and entertainment get too much, you can always relax in the piano bar.

You can of course take your vehicle with you and personal cabins are available for those who wish to ‘push the boat out’ in terms of luxury.

Although Zeebrugge serves as a gateway for much of Europe, it also has its own charm and things to offer. Visitors to this city can relax on near by beaches and there’s plenty of hotel accommodation and restaurants. Serving as Belgium’s biggest fishing port, you will find that fresh fish is most definitely on the menu here.

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