Cheap Ferries from Ardrossan to Brodick

Ardorssan is a tiny yet bustling port which sees thousands of ferries pass through it on a yearly basis. Conveniently located within reach to airports at Glasgow and Prestwick, Adrossan is a perfect spot if you are planning daytrips in an and around the centre of Scotland.

From Ardrossan, tourists board ferries which take them across Europe and the rest of the UK to a number of popular destinations. If you wish to stay in Scotland but fancy travelling in luxury to another city nearby, you can get to Brodick easily from the port of Ardrossan.

CalMac Ferry is one of the companies which provide travel to Brodick and you can board on of its ferries then arrive at your final destination in under an hour. CalMac Ferry has recently expanded its fleet so you are guaranteed a seat onboard irrespective of which time you choose to travel.

Onboard CalMac’s ferries, you are given the pick among and impressive cluster of international restaurants and bars which offer impressive views on the upper deck or from the observation lounge.

Once you leave the ferry, you will find yourself in one of Scotland’s most accessible island which remains popular yet unspoiled. On Brodick, there are plenty of activities for you participate in and you have a choice of golf courses, mountain ridges, beaches and other attractions.

If you have a love of the oceans and ferries, Brodick could be just the place for you as it is particularly popular with boating enthusiasts who come to enjoy Brodick’s tranquil atmosphere while having fun pursuing the hobby the love the most.

If the thought of travelling across the sea onboard a ferry is something which interests you, you might want to look into the possibility of travelling from Adrossan to Brodick. The journey is short, the ferries are well facilitated and you are spoiled with things to do.

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