Cheap Ferries from Ancona to Patras

Each year, nearly one million passengers come to the port of Ancona in order to board ferries to popular European destinations such as Turkey, Croatia and Greece. As the port expands, plenty of high-speed carriers come to Ancona and take thousands of passengers on the holiday of a lifetime.

If you have booked tickets on board any of the luxury ferries which go to and from Ancona, you can spend a few idle hours by in the town centre and enjoy awe-inspiring views of the bay from St Cyrica’s Cathedral then later visit the National Archaeological Museum and the Art Gallery which is found nearby.

There are a great deal of destinations to take your pick from at Ancona port and Patras definitely stands out of the bunch. You are invited to board any of the ferries heading to Patras from Ancona and ANEK Lines invites you to be entertained and well fed as you undertake the 30 hour trip.

ANEK Lines isn’t the only operator which provides ferries to Patras as you are also able to travel with Minoan Lines and Superfast Ferries which is becoming increasingly popular as it continues to offer faster journeys. If it’s ANEK you do decide to travel with however, there are daily departures to Patras and you can also stop off on other place such as Igoumenitsa on the way.

Patras itself has plenty to offer every single one of its tourists who decide to come here aboard high-speed and luxury ferries. Once the most important port in Greece, Patras is becoming more important as the country’s ‘Gateway’ to the western world and continues to strengthen Greek-Italian relations.

Whenever tourists use ferries to travel in between Ancona and Patras, they are always impressed by the quality of service they receive from their tour operators and the amount of destinations that you can stop off at on the way helps those who like to take a day’s rest when travelling on the ocean waves.

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