Cheap Ferries from Aberdeen to Lerwick

The port of Aberdeen is one of the busiest in the country and it has several thousands of ships passing through every year to deliver almost four and a half million tonnes of cargo. Not only popular for cargo ships, Aberdeen is also a utilised stop-off for cruise companies which offer trips on ferries across Europe and the rest of the UK.

Due to its popularity as a port, tourists are handed plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a destination or a place to visit when taking a quick break. It is possible to arrive at the port of Aberdeen easily and, despite the terminal having modest facilities, you can get a quick refreshment at the coffee shop or get the essentials from the convenience store nearby before you use ferries to get to your destination.

From all the destinations you can reach from Aberdeen, Lerwick is one of the best and is familiar to many as large and bustling working port. NorthLink Ferries currently offer trips to Lerwick and once you have arrived here, it is possible to get connecting ferries on their way to destinations such as Norway, Faroe, Iceland and Denmark.

Lerwick is the capital city and only town of the Shetlands on its main island of Mainland. Although the town is primarily an ancient fishing port, the town has successfully managed to keep its old world charm and visitors who have arrived here on ferries often comment on the character of this ancient Celtic destination.

From the port of Aberdeen, there are five sailing ferries per week to Lerwick and all are offered by Northlink Ferries. If you are off to either Hrossey or Hjatland in the near future and wish to stop off on the way and break the journey up, two identical ships which 100 cabins offer you the chance to stay in Lerwick.

The journey itself takes less than 15 hours to complete but you can be ensured that you are in the best company. On board, there are numerous international restaurants and places to drink. As well as this, lively entertainment is provided while you enjoy life on the ocean waves onboard the ferries.

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