Cheap Ferries from Ancona to Corfu

It’s hardly surprising that just under one million passengers pass through Ancona’s port before boarding ferries to countries across Europe such as Croatia, Turkey and Greece. As well as having regular ships, plenty of high-speed carriers are being added to the fleet as the amount of passengers also sees an increment.

If you have booked ferries to and from Ancona, you could spend a few hours of your time well by venturing into the town centre while enjoying breathtaking views overlooking the port from St Cyrica’s Cathedral then also visiting the National Archaeological Museum and the nearby Art Gallery.

There are plenty of destinations to choose from while at Ancona port with Corfu being one of the most popular. You can get off any of the luxury ferries on their way to Patras and enjoy a holiday with ANEK Lines as it operates ferries on a regular basis with the journey being completed in just under 20 hours.

Every one of ANEK’s ferries are well facilitated for disabled passengers and there is good wheelchair access provided by the ramps. On board, you can expect a pick of top restaurants and bars as well as an endless list of shops offering unbeatable value on a wide range of items such as children’s toys and camera accessories.

Once your ferry has docked in Corfu, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to attractions and the island’s stunning varied landscape is clustered among idyllic vineyards, lush hills and golden beaches. Also worth a visit is Corfu Town which has plenty of shopping options along its ancient cobbled streets.

If you are a fan of travelling aboard luxury ferries and wish to enjoy top food and entertainment before you arrive at a highly rated European destination, you can look into the possibility of travelling between Anocona and Corfu which are both well loved hotspots with high appeal.

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