Cheap Ferries from Bastia to Genoa

Bastia is located on the north-east coast of Corsica while Genoa is a large seaport in the north-west corner of Italy’s Mediterranean coast. A convenient method of travelling between the two towns is by ferry.

Ferry services from Bastia to Genoa are provided by Moby Lines and operate on a daily basis. The crossing takes about five hours. Moby Lines is a well-established ferry company with over 100 years experience in the business. All of Moby Lines craft feature stabilisers, air-conditioning and heating.

Moby Lines maintains a modern fleet that caters to passenger’s comfort but offers affordable prices. Moby Lines’ ferries offer facilities and amenities that include comfortable passenger lounges, restaurants, bars and children’s play areas. Bastia to Genoa ferries are open to both car drivers and foot passengers.

Bastia to Genoa ferries depart from Bastia Port which is near the centre of Bastia Town. Bastia Port is modern and is a ferry hub for regional destinations. Bastia is a peaceful Mediterranean town with narrow sun shaded streets. Bastia has multiple attractions including the old port, the market, Saint Mary’s Cathedral and other ancient buildings.

Ferry passengers from Bastia disembark at Genoa Port. Genoa is one of mainland Italy’s principal ports and also one of the most beautiful. Genoa is a commercial centre with a rich history dating from Roman times. It has a wealth of interesting sights such as Piazza De Ferrari, Opera and the Palace of the Doges. Genoa’s most famed landmark is its mediaeval gates.

Passengers travelling on the Bastia to Genoa ferry can easily access the port at Bastia by train or road. There is a small railway linking different parts of Corsica and the road network is excellent here. Genoa is a transport hub with several railway stations, an efficient public transport system and road access to Italy and France.

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