Cheap Ferries from Bergen to Torshaven

Bergen, located in south-western Norway, plays host to a large, multiple entry ferry port in Hordaland Fylke. The ferry port sits in between two harbours near a peninsula. The harbour to the north is called Vagen and caters to smaller ships, and the harbour to the south is called Pudde Bay and is used for larger ships.

Bergen is the second biggest city in Norway and the major ferry port for the entire country. The city is a hub for tourism, with several restaurants in walking distance from the ferry, as well as a centre for industry and commerce boasting several daytime markets near the water.

The Bergen to Torshaven route is serviced by Symril Line ferries founded in 1982. The ferry company was established to provide a passenger and vehicle ferry to link Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Norway, and Denmark. The main ferry, MF Norröna, shuttles passengers and vehicles from Bergen to Torshaven at a capacity of over 1,000 passengers and 300 vehicles a day.

Torshaven, opposite Bergen, is capital of the Faroe Islands. The harbour is the most prominent aspect of the city which thrives mostly on industries from the sea. Torshaven is a popular stopover site with passengers continuing on by ferry to the Shetland Islands or Iceland. Because of this the port town offers a wide range in shopping that is duty-free for tourists to the area.

Torshaven has a conveniently located tourist information centre just a short walk from the ferry terminal, as well as many other facilities for tourists travelling on the ferries. Hotels, restaurants, shopping, and banking services are all within a five minute walk from the ferry.

Symril Line’s ferries operate daily from Bergen to Torshaven with two separate ferries to accommodate more than 3,000 passengers and 1,000 vehicles combined. The ferries leave from Bergen, stopover and Torshaven, and generally continue up the North Atlantic to other destinations in Iceland, Scotland, Denmark, and Norway.

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