Cheap Ferries from Bodrum to Kos

Bodrum sits on a peninsula known for sandy beaches and charming houses. The beach town, now a popular resort vacation spot, connects to Kos and both cities can be reached by a short ferry crossing connecting the two. Bodrum has become a popular vacation spot boasting such sites as the Myndus Gate, the Roman theatre, and the Mausoleum.

Bodrum also offers a wide range in nightlife, and is more vibrant than the surrounding areas. The Bodrum to Kos ferry route provides vacationers on Kos an easy way to enjoy the nightlife of Bodrum. Bodrum is rich in history, culture, and excitement. The town offers areas of archaeological interest, as well as great restaurants and a wide range of available water sports.

Ferry crossings from Bodrum to Kos are provided by Roditis Ferry compny. Roditis Ferry offers services to Bodrum, Maramaris, as well as the popular Greek islands of Kos and Rhodes. Each of the company’s six ferries are outfitted with a bar and entertainment. Additionally, all ferries are kept up to international safety standards, and equipped with facilities for passengers with limited mobility.

Kos, a Greek island, famous for its affiliation with Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, is an exotic, plush island retreat. The island houses a wide bay where a majority of the residences in the town are built along. The bay also serves as a ferry port for the ferries on the Bodrum to Kos route.

Although most popular as a beach resort, Kos also boasts some archaeological sites of interest including the Knights’ Castle, and Freedom Square, a location where supposedly Hippocrates, himself, taught. The location also has a museum, where tourists can see a sculpture of Hippocrates made in the 4th century BC Ferries can be found regularly from Bodrum to Kos.

Roditis Ferry has been providing ferry services for more than twenty years. The ferry company provides services for passengers and vehicles to locales all over Greece. Roditis Ferry boasts six different ships all equipped with on board dining, drinking, and entertainment.

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