Bornholms Trafikken Ferries

Bornholms Trafikken Ferries are a Danish company operating out of Bornholm, a small island of Denmark located in the Baltic Sea. There are six sailings a day between Ronne in Bornholm and Ystad in Sweden. The journey time takes 1 hour, 30 minutes. There is one sailing a day between Ronne and Sassnitz and twice daily from Ronne to Koge.

Bornholms Trafikken Ferries have four ferries in their fleet. They are the H/F Villum Clausen, M/F Povl Anker, M/S Hammerodde and M/S Dueodde. The H/F Villum Clausen is named after one of Bornholms famous 17th century merchants and offers many facilities for its passengers. There is a selection of dining options, a small shop, a play area for children and an area for those with pets. For a small additional charge to your ticket, it’s possible to upgrade to the Business lounge.

The M/F Povl Anker is named after a 17th century vicar who lived on Bornholm. This ship can carry 1500 passengers and just over 250 cars. The ferry offers a bar, a restaurant and a small cafeteria.

The M/S Hammerodde is named after a beautiful area found on the north coast of Bornholm.This is a passenger ferry that carries up to 400 passengers and went into sevice in April 2005.The M/S Dueodde is named after one of Bornholm’s most popular beach resorts and is identical to the M/S Hammerodde and also went into service in April 2005.

The latest check-in time for ferries travelling between Rønne and Koge or Ystad is just 10 minutes but is 30 minutes for ferries to Sassnitz. The ferry terminals are open from 06:00 until 23:30 every day. Pets are welcome on all ferries and there are designated pet areas provided or they may remain inside the car on the car deck.

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