Cheap Ferries from Brindisi to Patras

Considered the gateway to the Eastern Mediterranean, it is no surprise that the coastal city of Brindisi is a major ferry port. For those passing through the city or travelling on the ferry system, there are a few main attractions worth visiting. The Aragonese Castle, Duomo Cathedral and Fontana Grande are just a few.

Travelling from Brinidisi to surrounding areas and ports is made easy via Hellenic Mediterranean Lines Ferries. Routes depart from Brindisi to Patras nearly everyday of the week 12 months out of the year. Apart from Patras, routes also connect to other Greek islands such as to Igoumenitsa, Cephalonia and Corfu.

Patras situated roughly 100 miles from the city of Athens, Greece and is the Achaea prefecture’s capital. Much like Brindisi, Patras has recently become a major port for travel around the Eastern Mediterranean. There’s been a recent addition of passenger ferry terminals throughout ports around the island.

For those passing through Patra with a bit of time to spare, stop by some of the landmarks and attractions. Psilalonia Square is quite popular and is home to the Germanos of Patras bronze statue. Apart from the famous square, there are four different museums to choose from for those seeking a bit of culture.

In collaboration with Hellenic Mediterranean Lines, Endeavor Lines Ferry offers routes to and from southeastern Italy to the islands of western Greece. It is best to check routes on the ferry lines as prices vary throughout the year. For those travelling on a budget, prices vary tremendously between the low, middle, winter and high season.

The ferries plying this route offer good facilities on board, even though many journeys are fairly short. These facilities include refreshments, comfortable seating and depending on how long the journey is, there are even entertainment options.

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