Cheap Ferries from Brindisi to Zante

Brindisi is a small ancient city at the southern tip of Italy. It is a popular docking station for ocean steam liners due to its deepwater harbour. When passing through Brindisi either for leisure or to catch a passenger ferry, be sure to visit a couple local attractions such as the Frederick II castle and the numerous cathedrals.

For those that wish to connect to the Italian seaport city of Brindisi from Zante, the Hellenic Mediterranean Lines Ferries links the two together. The company has served ferry routes across the Eastern Mediterranean Sea for more than 100 years. Travellers would never guess that only two vessels operated the services across the sea as routes are nearly almost on time and very efficient.

As the birthplace of Greek National Anthem writer, D. Solomos, Zante ranks number three in terms of the size of the Ionian Islands. The ferry port is located just next to the main town for those who wish to explore the surrounding islands. For those with a bit more time to spare, be sure to stop by the Venetian Fortress or Bohali Hill.

When travelling from Brindisi to the surrounding Greek islands, it is best to plan ahead. Depending on your travelling budget, prices vary for ferry rides throughout the year. For those on a tighter budget, the winter and low season offer fares for considerable cheaper prices than during the high or medium seasons. However, whenever you decide to travel, be sure to book in advance to ensure a seat.

Hellenic Mediterranean Lines has a direct ferry service departing Brindisi to Zante with varying timetables throughout the year. Blue Star Ferries also offers ferry services from Brinidisi to surrounding islands. Superfast Ferries are another option for navigating around the Eastern Mediterranean from Brindisi.

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