Cheap Ferries from Cherbourg to Rosslare

More than one million travellers pass through Cherbourg’s ferry port each year. To accommodate the heavy flow of foot traffic, a number of boutiques, cafés and newsagents have been put in place. Because Cherbourg is a fishing port, it is no surprise that seafood restaurants are also plentiful. Cherbourg is a French coastal town that blends many historical influences from both France and England.

For those connecting to Rosslare Europort terminal from Cherbourg or surrounding areas, the terminal is quite modern and convenient. There are a number of restaurants and boutiques in the area for those with a bit more time to spare. Getting to and from the terminal is also no fuss as the terminal is just 15 walking minutes from the centre of town.

If travelling between Cherbourg and Rosslare, Irish Ferries provides services throughout the week. As the leading cruise operator from Ireland, passengers are provided comfortable and convenient services throughout the duration of the voyage from each of the ports. Many consider Irish Ferries to have some of the most up to date and modern vessels in the Irish Sea.

Irish Ferries competitor, P&O Irish Sea also offers travellers routes to and from Cherbourg to Rosslare a few days a week. For those travelling with small children or larger parties, four berth ensuite cabins are available. There are also two berth cabins available while deluxe cabins of either size include luxuries such as play station games.

Whether travelling or departing from either Cherbourg or Rosslare, it is best to check schedules and time charts as they change periodically throughout the year. Special discount prices apply during slower times of the year such as winter season and the low season. As with most travel, expect a spike in price during the summer months.

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