Cheap Ferries from Corfu to Patras

Patras has recently become a major transportation and communication hub for the Ionian Islands. Boasting a brand new ferry port, it has become a major player in Eastern Mediterranean travel and transportation. A high number of cargo services also pass through the ferry terminal as well.

As a part of the Ionian Islands, Corfu is a seaport city located on the western coast Greece. Within Corfu, the ferry port is located within the eastern half of the island. Apart from the busy seaport, the island is also quite popular for its beautiful beaches and scenic views of the seas.

For those passing through Corfu with some time to spare, there are a number of bars and caf├ęs along the streets of the Old Town which are a great place to pass the time. The medieval cobbled stone streets add an extra historical touch as visitors stroll along the streets. There are a number of boutiques and shops for those who wish to fit in last minute shopping.

Anek Lines operates a number of routes around the Mediterranean sea including departures from Corfu. Anek Lines is an up and coming company operating a huge number of modern fleets. The route from Patras to Acona is available throughout the week with a stop in between as Corfu.

Apart from Anek Lines, Minoan Lines also offers a number of daily flights with over 10 new ships in its fleets. It is roughly six hours to Patras from Corfu with sailing times varying throughout the years. There are however, daily sails throughout the summer months. Minoan Lines is also a leading liner in the ferry services and transferring industry and boasts excellent vessels with an abundance of facilities to keep passengers of all ages happy.

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