Cheap Ferries from Cork to Roscoff

Just a short journey by ferry will take you from Cork in Ireland to Roscoff in France. Cork is one of the most popular ports in Ireland because its geographical position in the southern region of Ireland makes it ideal for convenient access to the UK and other European destinations.

Located a modest distance from the ferry terminal, Cork’s city centre is a haven for culture, with an exciting night life. It is well worth a visit for those who enjoy the charm of Irish Pubs and jovial live music. But if you are simply arriving at the ferry terminal and are continuing over land to other parts of island, you will be pleased to know that there are some facilities at the terminal itself, which may be of use. This includes bed and breakfast and tourist information. There is also a post office which also serves as a bureau de change.

Perhaps the best option for travellers who wish to travel from here to Roscoff is Brittany Ferries, who offer widespread services through out the western channel. Besides the Cork to Roscoff route, this company provides services to UK destinations including Portsmouth and Plymouth as well as other European countries such as Spain.

Brittany Ferries posses numerous comfortable ships, who include some of the more elegant cross-channel ferries in operation. Sometimes the sea can get a little choppy in this area, but ferries are stabilised in order to minimise any discomfort this may cause. Larger ferries will have some refreshment available to buy on board. Smoking is no longer permitted on most ferry journeys to and from Cork.

In the Northwest of France, Roscoff is a thriving sea side. In 1973, the ferry port of Roscoff was opened and although small, has seen significant traffic since that time. You will find limited amenities at the port, including some hot and cold food vending machines and a general store. For a better choice of restaurants, visitors may prefer to walk to Roscoff’s fishing quay. If you wish to stay in the area for a bit longer, why not check out Laber beach. Little more than one kilometre away from the ferry port, the beach is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing.

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