Ferries to Corsica

Corsica is an often overlooked island but this is difficult to understand given the fact that it boasts a charming coastline and old-world towns laced with both ancient history and modernity. For those who love the sea, arriving here by the use of luxury ferries becomes two holidays in one as you are left entertained before landing in paradise.

Ferries mainly stop at the two main ports in Corsican cities which are namely Ajaccio and Bastia. Even though they are smaller in size, Il Rousse, Propriano and Porto Vecchio are also popular stop-off places and have direct connections with the popular French holiday spots of Nice and Toulon in the southern part of France.

Corsica Ferries has frequent routes between both Ajaccio and Nice and the full journey takes just under six hours to complete. From Marseille, Toulon and Nice, it is possible to travel to Basita, Calvi, Il Rousse and of course, Ajaccio. Most of these journeys take place overnight and full sleeping accommodation is provided for those who wish to get a good few hours sleep before they arrive in Corsica.

Whenever people arrive in Corsica and leave the comfort of their luxury ferries, they are left overwhelmed by the charm of this French-influenced island which is famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon. If you are in Ajaccio, there are plenty museums and other attractions to enjoy during the day.

If you prefer to be in vibrant cities, Bastia is the most business-oriented part of the island and is a cosmopolitan mix of medieval chapels and modern film festivals. If you like travelling aboard ferries and you’re looking for a place full of culture and history, you may find a trip to Corsica very rewarding.

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