Freight ferries to Sweden

Freight ferries to Sweden are dominated by two operators, DFDS Tor Line and Stena Line Freight. They depart from several European countries including the UK, Germany, Denmark, and Poland. Stena Line offer the widest variety of routes; they have at least five freight ferries to Sweden, in contrast to the two offered by DFDS Tor Line.

DFDS Tor Line provides the only freight ferry to Sweden from the UK. Freight ferries depart from Immingham on the east coast of England. Immingham is located close to the M62 providing a good connection to the north of England and beyond. Gothenburg is the busiest entry point to Sweden and has motorway links to destinations across Sweden, as well as neighbouring countries.

DFDS Tor Line also provide freight ferries to Sweden from Germany and Norway. Freight ferries from Kiel, Germany, depart weekly and the crossing takes two and a half days. More information about specific schedules can be found on the DFDS Tor Line website.

The other major provider of freight ferries to Sweden is Stena Line Freight. They also have ferries from Kiel, this time to Gothenburg. They also offer a short crossing from Frederikshaven in the far north of Denmark; the crossing takes just over three hours and there are excellent motorway connections at both destination and arrival ports.

Copenhagen is well-known as the capital of Denmark; however Arhus, further north, is the second largest city and has an excellent freight ferry connection of its own. Grenaa is only an hour away from Arhus and has a short four hour crossing to Varberg in Sweden.

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