Freight ferries to Ajaccio

The most important shipping port on the west of the French Mediterranean island of Corsica is the small city of Ajaccio. The city of Ajaccio is home to a population of a little over 50,000 which relies heavily on ferry connections on the mainland which bring in tourists as well as a significant proportion of the island’s freight.

The port is located just a few miles outside of the city, and is set amongst palm trees and is teeming with a number of private yachts. There is a convenience store as well as a cafeteria offering food, and both long term and short term car parking is on offer to visitors at Ajaccio port.

Those who make use of freight ferries to Ajaccio will find their goods arriving at the port to meet some of the best security and surveillance equipment in the country. Ajaccio’s port features modern X-Ray equipment, as well as fully-trained security staff and customs officers.

Freight ferries to Ajaccio run from several coastal French cities including Nice, Toulon and Marseille. The two main ferry operators which run services to Ajaccio are SNCM and Corsica Sardinia Ferries. Both companies run reliable and safe services to Nice and Toulon. A third operator, La Meridionale offers a service to Marseille three times per week.

Those who make use of freight ferries to Ajaccio on a regular basis would understand the importance of shopping around online prior to purchasing. Customers can save a large sum of money by comparing different ferry lines as well as booking well in advance.

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