Freight ferries to Algeria

Freight ferries to Algeria depart from two European countries, France and Spain. However, the ferries used on these routes are conventional ferries and are not exclusively used for freight. Three operators provide services on these routes, Algerie Ferries, Acciona Trasmediterranea and SNCM. Algerie Ferries have the widest variety of routes.

Ferries operated by Algerie ferries depart from the Spanish ports, Alicante and Barcelona, as well as Marseille in France. Some routes are very infrequent; therefore passengers should book well in advance. In addition, some routes don’t operate all year round. Algerie Ferries have offices in Marseille and Alicante, as well as three in Algeria itself.

The most popular freight ferries to Algeria, by Algerie ferries, are from Marseille to Algiers and Alicante to Oran. Ferries depart from each port once or twice a week; the crossing from Marseille takes 18 to 21 hours, while the crossing from Alicante is somewhat shorter at nine hours.

The port of Algiers is the gateway to North Africa and on arrival, travellers can choose from a wide range of accommodation before making their onward journey. Oran is Algeria’s second largest city; however it is just as important, commercially and economically.

An alternative port of departure for freight ferries to Algeria, is Almeria in the south of Spain. These ferries, operated by Acciona Trasmediterraneam have the advantage of a shorter, 8 hour crossing time and ferries which operate up to four times a week. Again, ferries operated by Acciona Trasmediterranea don’t run all year round, so check well ahead.

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