Freight ferries to Cairnryan

The southwestern Scottish village of Cairnryan is home to a freight port that serves freight ferries to Northern Ireland with P&O Irish Sea Ferries. The compact village overlooks Loch Ryan and has basic visitor facilities. Cairnryan ferry port has freight connections to Larne. This route is a popular alternative to the Stranraer to Larne route due to a shorter crossing time.

It is possible to reserve freight ferries to Cairnryan at Larne port through P&0 Irish Sea Ferries or online in advance. Online bookings garner the best discounts and offer maximum convenience. It is also possible to book freight ferries on this route by telephone at: +44 844 5760060. Staff are on hand to answer calls in multiple languages.

Freight ferries to Cairnryan take approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes to make the crossing from Northern Ireland’s Larne port. This is the shortest freight crossing between Scotland and Ireland. P&O Irish Sea Ferries is the only freight operator serving this route and it provides a professional and efficient service.

Facilities at Cairnryan ferry port are modern due to a new freight terminal having been developed by P&O Irish Sea Ferries. Check-in is designed to be smooth and quick, offering drivers a weighbridge with the least possible waiting time. Inside the terminal is a baggage reclaim area along with basic passenger amenities like a shop, a bar and a roomy reception area.

The best way to book freight ferries to Cairnryan is online where the most competitive freight ferry prices are available. An advanced booking ensures you will not be disappointed upon check-in.

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