Freight ferries to Chania

Freight ferries to Chania are provided for all those that prefer to travel along the sea from either mainland Greece or one of its islands and to a pleasant port city on Crete that is brimming with history. As well as this however, Chania is home to a freight port that is very useful.

If you are interested in freight ferries to Chania, it is possible to arrange transport from any of the operators that regularly sail there. Although there are no direct freight ferries to and from the UK, there are plenty of other routes offered and you can get on them easily.

From mainland Greece, most of the freight ferries run from Piraeus port in Athens via Souda several times a day with the journey taking just a few hours to complete. Once your freight arrives in Chania, you are guaranteed a smooth running process through customs.

Although it is possible to travel from Athens straight to Chania, there are other ports on Crete for you to choose from in cities such as Heraklion. From the Greek capital, the journey takes around nine hours but a much faster service is offered by Minoan Lines which completes the journey in six and a half hours.

Freight ferries to Chania allow people to transport their freight to the popular Greek city of Chania and can be easily arranged over the internet or by calling a company such as ANEK Lines directly. If you keep checking at regular intervals, you are sure to pick up on bargains that are exclusive only to the internet and cannot be booked by speaking over the telephone.

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