Freight ferries to Ciutadella

On the west coast of the island of Minorca, Ciutadella is a crucial port city in the Balearic Islands. It receives a regular influx of ferry passengers and freight shipments from other islands in the Balearics as well as from the Spanish mainland. The two major ferry freight contenders at Ciutadella are Balearia and Iscomar.

Customers who prefer to book their freight ferries to Ciutadella in the most convenient way possible will certainly want to take advantage of the many online booking opportunities available today. These are highly competitive with traditional booking channels, largely because they’re able to offer more competitive rates without neglecting the human element of customer service.

Freight ferries to Ciutadella connect to a few regional ports. Service from Alcudia takes place every day of the week and can complete the journey in roughly 2 hours, 45 minutes via Iscomar. Balearia provides similar service with shorter transport time, arriving one hour. The latter also operates service from the mainland, crossing from Barcelona to Ciutadella in 3 hours, 45 minutes.

Facilities at the freight ferry port at Ciutadella are extensive, providing everything that passengers and customers need for a fast and efficient transit. Modern check-in facilities are in place so that those who need have freight to transport can complete all of their arrangements in short order.

For those in search of modern and efficient transport solutions, the best means of booking freight ferries to Ciutadella is making use of online booking engines. Advance bookings are preferable, as this all but eliminates the possibility of last-minute complications.

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