Freight ferries to Dunkerque

Dunkerque is located in the north-east of France is the small coastal city of Dunkerque. Dunkerque is home to a relatively large population of approximately 70,000, and is home to an important shipping hub which services the north of France, Belgium as well as the UK.

The port in Dunkerque is located in the centre of town, close to the main shopping and tourist areas, and is a convenient place for those who visit. The port is capable of handling large cargo ships, passenger ships, and freight ferries to Dunkerque are met with some of the best cargo and freight handling facilities in the country.

Dunkerque is connected to the UK with a number of direct freight ferries operating from the English city of Dover, located in the country’s far-south-east. The ferry is operated by Norfolk Line and offers the fastest cross-Channel ferries, with travel time taking approximately two hours to between the two ports.

Freight ferries to Dunkerque are operated by Norfolk Lines which features an extensive history when it comes to transporting freight and passengers around the region. Norfolk Lines feature a new and modern fleet with top-class equipment, and operate to a number of ports in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

To find the best price for freight ferries to Dunkerque, potential customers are well advised to search for the best price online. There are a number of price comparison websites which show a range of prices from a number of ferry operators. Booking in advance will also provide further discounts.

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