Freight ferries to Fishbourne

Fishbourne freight port is located on the Isle of Wight and provides a regular freight service to Portsmouth in the UK. The ferries that connect the mainland and the island are operated by Wightlink and this company is the only one that serves here.

Freight ferries to Fishbourne are best booked online. Online you will be able to compare prices and deals quickly that are offered by Wightlink. Alternatively if you wish to speak to an operator you can call +44 844 576 0060 and make a booking over the phone.

Wightlink ferries operate a reliable schedule throughout the year and a seven day basis. Freight ferries to Fishbourne take around 40 minutes on Wightlinks newer ferries. Wighlink is the only operator that serves this route from the small port of Fishbourne.

At Fishbourne ferry port there are some basic amenities for any time you spend in the port. You will find toilets and a small place to pick up something to eat or drink. If you require more amenities it is recommended that you make a quick trip to the nearest town.

The easiest way to book freight ferries to Fishbourne is online. This way is very quick and allows you to get the best deal out there. You will also find that you will be able to save money and you will receive an E ticket which makes checking in a faster process. Fishbourne is small but lovely town and is great if you have some time to pass.

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