Freight ferries to Folkestone

Folkestone is a charming town on the south east coast of England. It is located in one of the busiest ferry crossing locations in Europe. Freight ferries to Folkestone run on a daily basis from Calais in France and they are operated by Eurotunnel. Eurotunnel is one of Europe’s most reliable carriers.

The best way to book freight ferries to Folkestone is by using the online booking system. Here you will a number of good promotions and special prices. If you wish to speak to someone and book via the phone then the friendly team can be reached on + 44 844 5760060.

Freight ferries to Folkestone take about 35 minutes and are operated by Eurotunnel. The service that runs to Calais does not cross the sea by ferry but by the train. The service provided by Eurotunnel is cost effective, fast and extremely reliable.

At the port there are basic facilities including toilets, sitting area and a restaurant that serves fast food, snacks and drinks. The terminal building at Folkestone has been designed so that check-in is hassle free and an efficient process. The terminal is run and managed by Eurotunnel.

An advance booking with Eurotunnel will ensure that you get your ideal time and date. Booking online is also great because you are guaranteed to make savings compared to when you book on the phone. You also receive an E ticket which makes check-in quick. When at Folkestone should you want more amenities you can easily reach the town from the port.

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