Freight ferries to Genoa

Located on the northern coastline of Italy is the important marine port of Genoa. Genoa serves as a transportation centre for the northern cities in Italy, and connects passengers and freight with cities including Milan and Venice. The port at Genoa is well serviced by a number of ferry companies including Grimaldi Lines.

Freight Ferries to Genoa operates from a number of different providers. The largest operates including Grimaldi Lines as well as Costa Cruises and MSC Lines. Those who are interested rates are advised to book in advance and to check the internet in order to find the best prices.

The port in Genoa is one of the largest in the country and freight Ferries to Genoa leave from a number of ports around the Mediterranean. Services leave from ports including Barcelona, Tunis, Bastia, as well as other major cities in Italy. Many services operate on a frequent basis, offering a large variety of departure times.

The port in Genoa is one of the largest and most modern in the country. Genoa Harbour spans roughly 20 kilometres along the coastline and covers an area of 500 hectares. Passenger facilities at the port are designed to optimise the customer experience, offering a wide range of shopping, dining and bars in a relaxed environment.

Given the large choice for those who are interested in freight ferries to Genoa, customers are urged to search online for the best price. Booking in advance will also most likely give customers the added benefits of further discounts.

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