Freight ferries to Igoumenitsa

Igoumenitsa is a popular tourist destination in the Greek region of Epirus and is enjoyed by millions of tourists each year. For a large percentage of people with different needs, freight ferries to Igoumenitsa are often seen as the best way for their goods to travel.

At present, there are freight ferries to Igoumenista that run from all the main ports in mainland Greece, some of its islands, and also some of its European neighbours. Wherever you are, you can be guaranteed the freight ferries are offered at both day and night.

If you are spending time in Italy and wish to get goods across to Greece during your holiday, you can use companies such as Agoudimos Lines, which run from Bari, Endeavor Lines, which run from Brindisi and Minoan Lines which offer several sailings from Ancona and the famous port city of Venice.

If you are elsewhere in Greece however, or on one of the islands, you can put your goods onboard freight ferries to Igoumenitsa from Patras with Minoan Lines or choose to sail from other destinations such as Heraklion and Piraeus. Onboard, your goods won’t be tampered with and will arrive safely at their intended destination, in this case, Igoumenitsa Freight Ferry Port.

When it comes to purchasing space onboard freight ferries to Igoumenitsa, you can arrange them on the internet or can ring the offices of the company directly from your home. If you have any changes to make after making a booking, it is better to contact the company without hesitation as this may lead to problems.

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