Freight ferries to Le Havre

Situated at the mouth of the Seine River in the Upper Normandy region of France lies the city of Le Havre. Given the city’s strategic location on the Thames, the city has long had a reputation as shipping town, and is a hub for the import and export of goods coming in and out of France.

The port facilities in Le Havre mostly cater for cargo shipping, and there are various berths and a boatyard. The passenger terminal offers visitors a place to sit down and relax while waiting, and the opportunity to buy a coffee in the cafeteria. A convenience store is also located in the passenger terminal.

Freight ferries to Le Havre operate exclusively by LD Lines from the southern UK city of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is one of the largest shipping ports in the UK, and receives a large number of ferry services departing to mainland Europe on a daily basis. The service between Portsmouth and Le Havre takes about three hours and 15 minutes.

LD Lines have been operating twice-daily freight ferries to Le Havre for a number of years, and the company has built up a strong record for on-time performance, reliability and safety. The company offers a new and well-maintained fleet of ships, all featuring the latest in shipping technology and equipment on board.

When booking freight ferries to Le Havre, customers are strongly urged to look around at the different options online prior to purchasing. By booking a few months in advance, customers are also likely to save money, rather than booking close to the date of departure.

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