Freight ferries to Minorca

As the second-largest island in the Balearics, Minorca maintains one of the busiest network of freight ports in Spain. It receives ferries from across the Spanish mainland as well as from other islands in the Balearics – namely Mallorca. Major providers in this industry are Balearia, Oscomar and Trasmediterranea.

Thanks to the advances made by modern online booking agencies, it is easier than ever before to secure freight ferries to Minorca. In many cases, all that’s needed is a few minutes with an online booking site, and all of the details can be arranged and confirmed. While it’s still possible to use pre-internet channels, few modern customers choose to do so.

Freight ferries to Minorca mainly depart from Mallorca and the Spanish mainland. Major routes from Mallorca originate at the ports of Alcudia (one to two hours) and Palma (5 hours, 30 minutes), landing at Ciutadella and Mahon, respectively. Service from the mainland typically crosses from Barcelona to Mahon (seven hours), Barcelona to Ciutadella (3 hours, 45 minutes) and Valencia to Mahon (14 hours, 30 minutes). Travel times vary depending on services offered.

Facilities available at ports on the island of Minorca are often world-class, especially in the largest facilities at Ciutadella and Mahon. These ports accommodate high, regular throughput and have responded with extensive services ranging from restaurants and shops to services designed for business travellers.

Given the wealth of information available online, there is no alternative to booking freight ferries to Minorca via the Web. The greatest savings and convenience are available to those who act early and place an advance booking.

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