Freight ferries to Nador

Freight ferries to Nador arrive daily from Almeria in southern Spain, as well as from Malaga, and from Sete in the French south. The port is in the north of Morocco within the large town of Nador and services are operated by Trasmediterranea.

Nador Ferry Port is a small port on the Bhar Amzzyan Lagoon that is accessible by rail from within Morocco. It is a fair sized facility that features a number of piers and a large cargo and passenger terminal building. Trasmediterranea freight ferries to Nador leave Almeria several times and day with a sailing time of five hours. You can also get in from Malaga and from Sete by ferry.

There are several hotels and restaurants near the port, although most people stay in the city-proper, or head for nearby Melilla and the beaches. There are close to 200,000 people in Nador, which is situated within the Rif region of north-eastern Morocco and is best known for its fish and fruit.

Freight ferries to Nador also put visitors within reach of Spanish-owned town of Melilla a few mils away to the north of Nador. It has a lot more going for it than Nador, with its ancient buildings and fortifications overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. There is also a harbour here as well as beaches nearby.

In addition, off to the east of Nador is Kariat Arkmane; a popular coastal area with fine beaches and some fantastic seafood restaurants. You can also explore the nearby desert by way of the town of Qariat Arkmane.

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