Freight ferries to Paxi

Paxi is one of the most popular islands in Greece and can be found just to the south of Corfu. In order for their goods to reach this peaceful destination however, people often use freight ferries to Paxi as they offer the safest way for their items to travel and they are available in abundance.

Due to the island’s proximity to Corfu, it is understandable that there are various sailings offered between both destinations. With companies such as Flying Santas (who can be contacted on +30 26610 38690) and Flying Dolphin Ilidda, who can be reached on +30 26620 32401, it is possible for your goods to sail at different times during the day.

For many passengers, it is actually easier for their goods to first board freight ferries to Corfu and then on freight ferries to Paxi. If travelling to Corfu, it is easy to find daily sailings from ports all over main land Greece and its islands, as well as some of the well known cities in Italy.

As Paxi is a quiet and peaceful destination, you won’t be hassled as soon as you reach Paxi Freight Port and can be guaranteed a smooth run through security checks before you collect your luggage. Once you have done this, you can easily arrange transport to your hotel.

As there is no airport on the island, freight ferries to Paxi are your only option if you have goods travelling to this destination. If you wish to make any adjustments to your pre-arranged schedule at any point, it is better to contact the operate you chose well in advance.

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