Freight ferries to Puttgarden

Puttgarden sits up on the northern German island of Fehmarn and is a small port town on its northeast coast. Freight ferries to Puttgarden come in from Rodby in Denmark with Scandlines with numerous crossings per day.

This ferry route is one of the heaviest in Europe, with services every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. Trip time with freight ferries to Puttgarden is about 45 minutes with Scandlines and onboard facilities include cafés, shops and a full service restaurant.

The freight ferries to Puttgarden route that Scandlines takes between Denmark and Germany is known as the Vogelfluglinie and is a little over 10 nautical miles. Puttgarden Ferry Port facilities are so so, with snack bars, cafés and shops, and there are also showers here. Puttgarden has been in existence since the early 1960s and it is well connected to Ha burg by road on your return.

The town of Puttgarden itself is small and doesn’t have that much in the ay of appeal apart from its port for travellers. The island of Fehmarn, however, is quite interesting and there are some sights worth checking out. The southern town of Burg is the main centre on the island, while small villages are dotted about.

The island of Fehmarn is also home to migratory birds and nature lovers should check out the Wallnau Waterbird Reserve. The best time to visit for recreation is July through to September. In addition, freight ferries to Puttgarden provides access to the many windsurf and kite surf spots on the island.

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