Freight ferries to Rethymnon

Rethymnon is a popular tourist destination on one of Greece’s most famous holiday islands, Crete, and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. Rather than fly to one of the airports on Greece, a large percentage of those visitors instead prefer to travel on freight ferries to Rethymnon.

Whenever choosing a port for your goods to travel from on freight ferries to Rethymnon, you are restricted to a limited number of destinations due to the fact the port is a tourist attraction in its own right and has historical significance to both the locals and people all over Greece. Having said this though, its function as a commercial freight port will continue.

Having said that however, NEL and ANEK run regular sailings from the main port of Athens, Piraeus, and you can choose to travel at any time during the day. If you wish to make reservations from them, you can use the internet to make a booking or wait until you arrive in Athens itself.

NEL and ANEK aren’t the only companies running freight ferries to Rethymnon though as you can also use Lane Lines to travel here from Kythira. For all queries relating to timetable and information regarding sailings to Rethymnon, you check online for up-to-date details.

Once you arrive at Rethymnon Port, your goods will be guaranteed a smooth run through customs and there will be few delays as long as everything is how it should be. In a similar fashion, retaining your luggage from the baggage claim is also an stress-free task and there are plenty of places to get refreshments while you wait.

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